With every drug comes benefits and side-effects. The reason why side effects exists is because we have different structural make-up.

So, what would affect you might not affect someone else. In a family, some individuals might react violently to a drug, while others would experience no side-effect.

Taking a look at opioids for instance, the demand for it is always on the increase. Pharmaceutical companies cannot be blamed for this because opioids are legal substances.

Opioids help in relieving pain, so if an individual wants to purchase, it might be difficult to know if it is for abuse purposes or not.

Pharmaceutical companies have a pivotal role to play in the marketing of these drugs, and it is up to them to reduce the rate of drug abuse.

One of the ways they can achieve this, is to promote the prescription drug monitoring program of a country.

The purpose of a prescription drug monitoring program is to observe and collect essential information concerning the regulated substances from pharmacists and doctors.

In addition to this, pharmaceutical companies are expected to promote the awareness concerning drug abuse. Also, there is a need for an enlightenment on treatment options and the techniques for treatment.

There are diverse tests that are available for closely monitoring patients who consume drugs illegally.

It is important for pharmaceutical companies to come up with tools that educate people about the proper management of the disorder.

Also, there is a need for the availability of multiple access to various treatment options.

The innovations in the health field come with a broad range of treatment options. Just like there are opioid medications for pain management.

Pharmaceutical companies are also advised to set realistic goals for all products and integrate ethical methods of promotion.

There should be a stock of drugs with registered pharmacies. This is to prevent those clinics who illegitimately provide drugs without any form of prescription.

Drug abuse is always rampant in any country, and it is important to put all hands on deck to tackle this public health problem.   

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