You would be surprised to find out that some pharmacies are the reason why some people are addicted.

If addiction were to reduce, one of the major stakeholders that would ensure this are pharmacists and pharmaceutical companies. However, this has not fully become a reality.

Pharmacies do not take time in reviewing the prescription given to a patient by a doctor. This is why some patients take drugs and they end up experiencing adverse effects.

It is important for a pharmacies to take ample time in reevaluating the condition of an individual, so that they can know the right drugs to give.

In addition to this, it is necessary for pharmacies to work with the health regulatory bodies in order to checkmate the rate of drug abuse.

Not all pharmacies are in synergy with these health regulatory bodies and this is not good enough.

When there is proper collaboration between both parties, you will observe that there would be a decline in drug abuse and addiction.

Also, pharmacies that do not help in proper medications management are among those who contribute to addiction.

Asides the responsibility of pharmacies to dispense, it is also necessary that pharmacies take ample time in helping an individual take drugs at the right rate.

If it is great to take more than one medication at once, a pharmacist needs to be consulted before it is taken. This would prevent cases when drugs would react with one another and yield unpleasant results.

The role of a pharmacist is great when it comes to following the appropriate treatment pattern. If an individual is left to himself to take drugs without any professional prescription, it might be dangerous for his or health.

If the above measures are implemented, you will notice that addiction would decline gradually till it eventually fades off. It might look impossible to achieve.

However, all hands must be on deck to fight this chronic brain disease that has the capacity to affect anyone.  

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